Nick & Rachel’s Cornelius Pass Roadhouse Wedding

I love how powerful photographs are. As I was going back through images from Nick and Rachel’s Cornelius Pass Roadhouse wedding, I was instantly transported back to their wonderful day. I have photographed many a Cornelius Pass Roadhouse wedding, and I am always amazed how different each one was.

I typically photograph weddings in the octagonal barn in the cooler months–fall, winter and spring. So a Cornelius Pass Roadhouse wedding outdoors was a wonderful treat!

One of the things I really appreciated about Nick and Rachel’s celebration is the personal touches and the simplicity. It was so beautiful. It wasn’t over done. The couple focused on what they loved and what showcased their personalities.

Rachel’s dress was a custom-designed tea length dress that was spectacular. It was made by a fashion designer friend and it was every bit of perfect. The lace, the flare, everything. It was so beautiful, especially when complemented by the bridesmaid dresses in varying styles and shades of lavender and sage.

When it came to the flowers, I loved the simplicity. It felt very country and mixed nicely with the rustic barn. The couple had gone out to a lavender farm a couple days before the wedding and hand-picked all of the lavender for arrangements and decorations. Since everything was so fresh, the smell at the ceremony and reception was amazing. (If you didn’t know, I have a serious lavender obsession!)

I loved that Nick and Rachel decided to opt out of the traditional wedding cake and served pie instead. However, they didn’t completely ignore tradition and did cut a cake–that looked JUST LIKE a pie. It was incredible.

Some of my other favorite personal touches were during the ceremony and speeches. Nick and Rachel had a friend officiate the wedding. When he started out the ceremony with “Mawwage. Mawwage is wot bwings us togeder tooday.” and had everyone laughing, I knew it was going to be great day. (I mean, who doesn’t love The Princess Bride?!)  I don’t think Nick and Rachel knew he was throwing that into the ceremony, so their response was priceless.

Not to be topped by the officiant, the maid of honor’s speech had everyone practically on the floor laughing. From her perfectly delivered Seinfeld quotes to sharing that her bedazzled eye patch made her feel like a James Bond villain, she had guests in hysterics.

I always love a Cornelius Pass Roadhouse wedding. They are rustic, yet elegant. They always perfectly casual and always so personal.

Congratulations, Nick and Rachel!


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