Acorn Studios Weddings Est. 2009

The biggest day of your life, your wedding day! All your beautiful moments captured by our Portland wedding photographer. From the start of your big day to every intimate and magical touch, embrace or kiss! Acorn Studios understands that your wedding day is a unique and special reflection of you as a couple. Our Portland wedding photographer Kacey Baxter loves meeting and getting to know you personally before your wedding, so that she can tell your unique and loving story.

During your special day, our wedding photographers, lead by Kacey, will use their photography expertise to capture your unguarded and most intimate moments, a glance, a smile, a touch or a loving kiss! The magical memories that are unique to your big day. Your natural emotions. It is these fleeting moments that make up the cherished images from your extraordinary day.


Beautiful black and white photographs that capture your special day from the beginning, to the end and all the wonderful memories in between.

Full photojournalistic color images. See your beautiful wedding day and enjoy this heirloom for ever! Treasure your big day with stunning photographic stories.

Kacey Baxter, our Portland wedding photographer, knows how important it is to talk and be part of your honored guests, your family and friends. She loves sharing your wedding and her unobtrusive style lets your big day unfold, while she captures beautiful images, that naturally reveal the expressions of love and commitment that you both share. Capturing your memories forever!

Your wedding day will be filled with hundreds of joyous and memorable moments. Your family and friends sharing your special day. Each special memory will be immortalized by a stunning photo, so that you can enjoy your wedding day and the photographic heirlooms for years to come. Remember, images capturing the fleeting moments from your celebration that will instantly take you back to one of the most amazing days of your life.

Let’s fall in love!